Om Norway Freeride

A national freeride series for ski- and snowboard events.

Norway Freeride Cup started in 2007 with Lofoten, Hemsedal, Sauda and Røldal as participating venues. As the sport has grown, the cup has become the most important arena for Norwegian freeride skiing and snowboarding. Each year, the number of events has varied from four to six.

In 2015, we changed from Norway Freeride Cup (NFC) to Norwegian Freeride Series (NFS), to be a part of the Freeride Qualifier System (FWQ).

For the 2017 season Norway Freeride has left the FWQ system and is now again organizing its own independent cup.

All competitions must meet a set of requirements in relation to security, venue, the quality of judging, technical feasibility and not least the ability to create good atmosphere for spectators and participants. You do not need to participate in every competition, but it gives you a better chance of a better total result. The three best results counts on the leaderboard for the season.

The best athlete’s gets cash, glory, good relationships with sponsors, and in some cases an invitation to participate in prestigious competitions in the world.

Safety and insurance

Norway Freeride is a gigantic voluntary work, managed by a small group of dedicated skiers and snowboarders. There is no insurance for either riders, crew, press or other involved parties.

All involved in the Norway Freeride competitions are each responsible for their own safety and security, and are encouraged to obtain the form of insurance coverage they feel necessary.

The event organizers will of course have trained rescuers and paramedics on site for all venues, and in the event of an injury, all involved parties will get the best possible medical and rescue treatment, as well as transport to nearest ambulance/hospital free of charge.

Any questions? Check our FAQ-page og e-mail us!


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