Norway Freeride Cup changes to Norway Freeride Series

Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ) is starting up qualifier national series for every nation with a minimum of three FWQ events. In Europe this includes France, Switzerland, Austria and Norway. Due to this, Norway Freeride Cup (NFC) changes to Norway Freeride Series (NFS). Norway Freeride Cup, which has been arranged from 2007 until 2014, is now history. What does that mean for the riders?

  • The riders are given points in accordance to the FWQ ranking system, which means that the higher star status a competition has, the more points you get. A first place in a 4 star event will be awarded 1800 points, but only 600 points in a 2 star event. In NFC the first place was awarded 100 points regardless of the star status.
  • Every result counts, and not just the three best results, as it did in NFC.
  • FWQ is in charge of ranking and scores will be presented at FWQ’s homepage. The National ranking will be established from accumulated FWQ points scored by national riders. Only Norwegian rides will be ranked in Norway Freeride Series.
  • FWQ will provide a new logo for NFS.
  • Norway Freeride Series gets international status and hopefully a greater status among the riders.

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