Meet Tone Jersin Ansnes

Tone Jersin Ansnes in Røldal

Foto: Linn Therése Andersson

Former European Cup alpine skier Tone got the best score in RFC open. We had a small talk with her.

NFC: Hi Tone. Congratulations with first place in RFC open. How do you feel about your performance?

Tone: Quite surprising. Since I’m new to this game, I don’t know my level. Had a good time!

NFC: How was the face and the conditions?

Tone: Varied snow. I think that’s good for me. The face was fun, but had some flat landings. A lot to play with though. Possibilites for speed.

NFC: What’s your strength as a skier?

Tone: The technique I have as a former alpine skier, and my confidence with high speed.

NFC: It’s your first year, and you were planning to ski the whole cup. What do you think about the contests?

Tone: It’s really sad the cup got cancelled. The organizers should have more weather days. I went to Lofoten, Ørsta and Voss. A lot of travelling, but I had a great time. The people are friendly, and I really enjoy to plan a line and think as a freerider. It was fun to just be there.

NFC: Are you gonna compete next year?

Tone: Yes, I really hope so!

NFC: Good luck Tone! Hope to see you in Norway Freeride Cup 2013!

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  1. Bob Jersin. California, USA 4. juli 2015 at 07:40 #

    Go Tone! Skiing is life!

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