Meet Marianne Stanghelle

She won her first freeride competition in Voss. We had a small chat with the girl who got recommended by Crystal Wright to start competing.

Marianne Stanghelle in Jackson Hole

Marianne skiing in Jackson Hole Foto: Christian Irgens

NFC: You’re a rookie in the freeride scene, and you manage to win your first competition. How did you do that?

Marianne: Well, I sure didn’t expect it, I think it was a great deal of luck. And, for once, being a skier from rainy Bergen had its advantages as I have been skiing a lot in rain and wet snow.

NFC: The next competition is Xfree in Sunnmøre. What’s your plan in these beautiful mountains?

Marianne: To ski hard and have fun! I look forward to it, meeting all the other skiers and get some more experience, there is so much to learn! And there is so much fun to have in the mountains!

NFC: Do you have any advice for girls who are thinking of compete in freeride skiing and snowboarding?

Marianne: Just do it! And expect to be totally pumped at the finish line! I didn’t expect it to be so hard work, so train a little!

Thank you Marianne, and good luck at Xfree!

Check the preliminary results after one contest.

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